Worktops are an integral part of your kitchen and take up a significant area of your kitchen space. It’s therefore important that it works well with your choice of overall kitchen design. Amersham Kitchens & Bathrooms work with leading suppliers so that we can provide a wide range of styles and finishes to ensure you find the worktop that best suits your kitchen design and style, whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary or minimalist for example.

We supply laminate, solid wood, quartz and granite worktops to suit your taste and requirements and these are available in a wide array of colours and finishes.

You will find some of the ranges listed on our website, but please do visit our showroom in Amersham to see more of the collections. We also have a wide selection of samples for you to touch and feel.


Granite worktops are one of the most luxurious worktop surfaces you can choose. They are highly durable and resistant to heat, water, staining and scratching. The high gloss finish makes it easy to keep clean and because it is a natural product, the pattern on each worktop is unique.


Laminate worktops are a practical and hard-wearing choice for your kitchen. They are water and stain resistant and available in a variety of colours and finishes.


Wood brings class and warmth to your kitchen. As a natural product, the grain patterning and colour is distinctive to your worktop. Available in a range of solid wood finishes.